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There used to be a beautiful mural in Brooklyn that said “Read More Books!” Every time we walked by it, my friend would jokingly cover my eyes and say, “They don’t mean you.”  I made my first art book in 2016 and was thrilled when it was accepted into the curated bookshop on the second floor of MoMA (the Museum of Modern Art) in Manhattan.

That gave me the encouragement I needed and I’ve been gleefully designing physical and digital books and ephemera ever since. I started this shop during the pandemic so others can download and print out my favorite junk journal supplies, book inserts, and vintage ephemera. I’ll be adding to it constantly and love special requests.  Contact me anytime and let’s connect!

Speaking of special requests, many of you have been requesting the option of ordering already double-sided papers for a junk journal, and I have some big news for you! (Hint: It’s every single paper you need to make an entire junk journal.). Click here to read about the new Junk Journal Magazine, and follow the Facebook page below for updates!

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I am always on the hunt for beautiful vintage ephemera to use in craft projects. I'd love to share these clip art freebies with you!

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