Where to Find Alice in Wonderland Printables FOR FREE

White Studio (New York, N.Y.). [Josephine Hutchinson as Alice in “Alice in Wonderland”.]. 1932. Museum of the City of New York. 37.350.31.

Want some free printables for your Alice In Wonderland Junk Journal?

Are you looking for some pre-made Alice ephemera you can print and use in your craft project? Or maybe you’re feeling completely inspired to make your own ephemera, and you just need some great illustrations to print out and use as raw materials. Great news for you, either way. There are all sorts of lovely free Alice in Wonderland freebies floating around the internet these days!

Here are a few places where you can grab some Alice-shaped goodies and get started with your crafting project:

1. The White Rabbit
– A Color Illustration

You can get a large version of this gorgeous white rabbit illustration for free, by adding it to your “cart” using the button under the picture. This is a digital download, so you’ll be able to print it right away. Going through checkout will take you to the free download page. The price is zero, so you won’t have to enter any payment information.

Karen, over at the Graphics Fairy, has 7 very charming Alice clip art images, which can all be downloaded directly from her website here.

White Studio (New York, N.Y.). [Eva Le Gallienne as the White Queen, Josephine Hutchinson as Alice, and Leona Roberts as the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland”.]. 1932. Museum of the City of New York. 37.350.26.

3. Antique Theater Photos

If some antique photographs are just the thing for you, you’ll love this first set of beauties. The Museum of The City of New York has a gorgeous photography collection called Alice in Wonderland: La Gallienne’s Living Pictures. Have a look.

4. Historic Book Cover with Gold Details

This is a detail of another bit of Alice ephemera in my Free Library. I’m adding to it regularly. You can get more freebies here (not all are Alice In Wonderland related).

I just love the gold detailing in the image and around the outer border of the book cover.

5. The Cottage Market

Andrea is offering FREE PRINTABLE ALICE IN WONDERLAND MONOGRAMS. Click the link above to see them.

There’s also a wide variety of edited Alice in Wonderland collage ephemera right here, in the Pegasus Paper Co. shop:

Have you found other Alice In Wonderland junk journal freebies online that you’d like to recommend? Post a link in the comments below!

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  1. The Graphics Fairy just published a new ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bundle a week or two ago. Their site, http://www.thegraphicsfairy.com, is packed with incredible and easily accessible vintage graphics, projects, printables, tutorials, and a gallery for members to display their own art.
    If you’re into junk journals, vintage art, ephemera, paper crafts, photo shop, collage, DIY, any variety of graphic arts, decoupage, or just about anything involving art, it’s definitely worth checking this site out!

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