How to Promote Your Junk Journal Etsy Shop For Free

Do you make or sell junk journals?

If you want to promote your creations or craft supplies without spending a penny, then Pinterest is exactly where you need to focus your efforts!  Unlike social media posts, which lose most of their impact within a day or two, posts on Pinterest last years.  And anytime they get shared again, they gain renewed momentum.  So if you’d like to put in the same amount of effort you’d use on social media, but get more benefit from it, then Pinterest is the way to go!

I would love to share your best work on Pinterest so more people can discover your creations.  And I bet a bunch of other junk journal enthusiasts would too.

There’s a free online promotion tool I use called Tailwind Communities.  It’s a place where people with similar interests share each other’s pins on Pinterest. For every pin you share of someone else’s, you can upload one of your own pins to the group. Then anyone who likes your pin can share it.  If you make pretty enough pins, you could get more than one share for each one you give.  Getting your pins shared by other people gets your images in front of a new audience.  And the great thing about Pinterest is that most people there are already in shopping mode.  So if you’re an Etsy seller, pinning images that link back to your shop can help people discover and buy your lovely goods.

This pin-sharing system is a great way for everyone to gain more exposure. I’ve just created a special group there devoted to Junk Journals and Vintage clip art. Whether you’re a creative crafter or an Etsy Seller, if you love vintage ephemera and junk journals, you’re invited to the private Pin-sharing group.

Click here to join the “Junk Journals & Vintage Ephemera” Pin-sharing group for free!

And remember to pin/share this post so more people can join the group.  The more people in our group, the more people there are who will see and have the option to share your pins to their own Pinterest audiences.

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