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What would it feel like to wake up one day, and suddenly see the world in an entirely different way? What if every time you saw a piece of paper or a scrap of ribbon, they began to dance in your mind’s eye, spinning and folding into beautiful shapes and creations that you could hold and marvel at, and share? When you have the power to transform everyday items into objects of beauty, suddenly, you move through the world differently. Your eyes fill up with inspiration wherever you go, and the more you harness this illuminated way of seeing, and CREATE, the more joyful the world around you looks and feels. The more you have to share with others. You can do more and give more, when you SEE more.

It is the goal of Junk Journal Magazine to help you develop this special sight. By simply following along with the instructions, using the pages inside, this project will get you in the habit of seeing the world through a creative perspective. Where what may look like junk to everyone else, is all the raw material you need to create TREASURE.

You can follow along with the step-by-step tutorial in this magazine, tearing out the pages as you go, and using them as the raw material for your project. You will learn to make envelopes and cards, an elegant, antique-style mini notepad thin enough to tuck into a journal page, forest-themed tags and tuck spots, and more.  Fill your eyes with the calming neutral tones of forests and trees, woodland creatures and leaves, and greens upon greens! 

Wend your way through this craft kit… By the time you reach the last page, you will have a stunningly wonder-filled junk journal! And that’s just the beginning. After you venture “Into The Forest” of creative possibilities, you may never look at a scrap of paper the same way again. If that isn’t magic, what is?

Are you ready to wander along the forest path with me? Gather your scissors and glue, my dear, and let’s make everything beautiful!

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Junk Journal Magazine – Woodland
by Pegasus Paper Co., ISBN 9781736115299

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