Vintage Gift Tags With Marbled Paper On The Back


These vintage gift tags feature elegant, antique script on the front, and rich marbled paper on the back, in reds and greens.  Add a ribbon and use them as tags, or print them on sticker paper for easy attachment to gifts as labels.  There is an option to type in your text online before printing.  See the details in the description below.

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Print out these vintage gift labels on sticker paper or thick card stock. They’re sure to add a historic flair to your presents this year! In this bundle, you get one very large, 5 x 9-inch tag, and sheets of small and medium tags, already arranged in rows for efficient printing. If you choose to print these on card stock, there is room to punch a hole at the top and attach it to your bow or gift bag handle with baker’s twine or ribbon. (Bonus points if you can find a hole punch shaped like a star. That would look amazing!)

The text on the tags reads:
Presented To (blank)
By (blank)

The digital files included in this printable gift tag bundle are…

  • 8 per page collage sheet in JPG format
  • 12 to a page collage sheet in JPG format
  • Large 1-to-a-page present label: The original, high-resolution JPG at 300 PPI, a bit over 5 x 9 inches.
  • 1 lushly marbled paper in red, to print on the back of the vintage tags.  This can also be used as printable wrapping paper!


If you would like to add your text digitally to these gift tags, you can use the free, online version of Canva, HERE. It lets you upload any image you want, add text, and choose fonts. All of the edits happen online.

The font I used in my example photos is called Sacramento, and it is available as part of the free version of Canva.

When you get the text how you want it, you can download it in whichever format you choose (PDF, JPG, PNG, etc.)

Select “fit to page” when printing on any size. Fits nicely on A4 and US Letter paper.


These tags are full of rich Christmas colors, but they are not limited to use once a year.  Use them all year round, for giving any type of presents.  They would also add an elegant flair to Hannukah, birthday, anniversary, or wedding gifts.  They’re also great for junk journals!


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