THE BIG BITE CHALLENGE – Are you ready for a fantastic junk journal challenge?

This is a poster with details about The Big Bite Challenge, which is a 12 week guided junk journal challenge for crafters of all levels, with a big prize at the end!

Welcome to The Big Bite Challenge! Whether you’re a total beginner or a long-time junk journal crafter looking for some motivation, prompts, and connections with other makers, this summer’s challenge is the perfect place to stretch those scissors!

What are junk journal challenges for?

Each challenge is different, but THIS ONE exists to make sure EVERYONE has the tools, support, inspiration, and a CLEAR & SIMPLE PATH FORWARD. By taking one small bite at a time, we can all feel empowered to create! 

When you complete the whole thing, you wind up with something truly wonderful, a sense of accomplishment, some new skills, and probably a whole bunch of new friends who love and appreciate junk journals, just like you.

What is The Big Bite Challenge?

Oh, it’s going to be delicious….

Starting on June 21st of 2021, there will be a series of 12 weekly challenges, with PRIZES for everyone who completes all 12!  That’s right, every single person who finishes the full challenge wins something. And of course, there’s also a GRAND PRIZE, for one lucky champion!

How To Participate

This challenge is hosted on a *private Facebook group called JUNK JOURNALING FOR EVERYONE. It is free to join!

*The group is private so you can be as active on there as you want to without filling up your non-crafty friends’ feeds with junk journal stuff. Everyone there has a shared interest, so you’ll be sharing with people who actually love seeing and doing the same things as you.

Just CLICK HERE to join the Facebook group, then once you’re in, you’ll be able to see all the details in this event.  At the moment I’m writing this, there are 3,722 people in the group, and that number is growing every day!  Despite this large number of people, this is an AMAZINGLY welcoming, kind, and encouraging junk journal-centric community and you can meet tons of awesome crafters there!  We’ll encourage everyone to post progress photos on the event page as well as on social media, so there will be tons of inspiration to go around.


1. Share this post with some friends who might love to join you in the challenge! You can use the social icons at the top right of this page to quickly share this post.  


3. Once you’re added to our group, click “Going” on this event to enter!

4. If you’re on Instagram more than Facebook, you can follow @pegasuspaperco for updates about the challenge.



Remember to use the hashtag #jj4e when posting progress pictures and finished challenge photos!   You can click the hashtag in your own Instagram post to see everyone else’s projects, comment on each other’s work, and connect with new & interesting crafters.


Q: What skill level is this good for?
A: ALL of them! This challenge is great for beginners and craft gurus alike, with very loose style guidelines so you can really flex your creative powers.  Each part of the challenge comes with 1 video tutorial from the team at Junk Journaling For Everyone, so this is a great way for newcomers to get deeper into the craft, with interactive guidance.

Q: What’s the theme of this challenge?
A: VINTAGE! This can literally include almost everything you love that isn’t new-looking.  So you can really use this as an excuse to make each challenge your own and express yourself! For each Big Bite Challenge, we poll the group and let YOU decide on the theme, so active members always have a say in the direction of our events & projects.

Q: What if I want to start a junk journal right away, but don’t know where to begin?
A: You can grab this FREE JUNK JOURNAL TUTORIAL PDF, and it’ll walk you through everything, step-by-step, with a link to a video for the part where you connect all the pages together. Just add it to your cart, and go through checkout to get it. You won’t have to enter any payment info, because the price is $0. And if you’re going through checkout anyway, why not grab some printable freebies for your next JJ project?

Q: Where can I get printable freebies!?
A: Download to your heart’s content, in my FREE LIBRARY, HERE. I add new freebies there all the time, so pin it and check back often.

Q: I just discovered junk journaling and can’t get enough! Where can I get even MORE FREE STUFF?
A: You can subscribe to The Pegasus Papers, at the bottom of this post. When you do, you’ll get 5 days in a row of gorgeous ephemera, delivered straight to your email.

Q: I’m already in the Private Group, Junk Journaling For Everyone. What’s the direct Facebook link to the event?

So what do you think? Are you ready for The Big Bite Challenge?

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